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  • 18 Oct, 13
    Amberwood Walks to End Alzheimer's

    Amberwood Care Centre - Rockford, IL

    Amberwood Care Centre recently joined with the Alzheimer's Association as one of the sponsors of their annual Walk to End Alzheimer's.  This year's walk was held on Saturday, September 21st at Martin Park.  The beautiful weather made for a great turn out.
    The Walk to End Alzheimer's is the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzhei

  • 25 Sep, 13
    Amberwood's New Van

    Amberwood Care Centre - Rockford, IL

    As many of you know, Amberwood Care Centre has been undergoing some major renovations this past summer. Most noticably, the front exterior and first floor.  However, there are more than cosmetic upgrades in the works.  As mentioned in a previous article, we installed new phones in all of the residents' rooms recently.  We also purchased a new van to tran

  • 25 Sep, 13
    New Resident Phones

    Amberwood Care Centre - Rockford, IL

    As part of our renovation process, Amberwood recently installed new phones in all of the residents' rooms.  Although there is no access to long distance, residents are able to make any calls within the 815 area code.  The phones and the calls are provided to the residents free of charge.

    For further updates on our renovations, check the website regul

  • 23 Sep, 13
    Amberwood is Recognized by Health Care Council of Illinois

    Amberwood Care Centre - Rockford, IL

     Amberwood is honored top have our New Beginnings Memory Care unit as one of the featured Memory Loss programs in he upcoming publication of the Health Care Council of Illinois.  Being chosen for this honor is truly exciting!  The Amberwood staff prides itself on quality care and utmost regard for our residents.  The Health Care Council of Illinois

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  • For many adults with aging parents, the realization that mom and/or dad is going to need extra care can be difficult.It not only forces you to face their mortality, but yours as well. To makethings tougher, family dynamics begin to change when children become thecaregivers to their parents. Denial can...

  • According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, it is estimated that 8.9 million Americans care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease(or other form of dementia) in a home setting. If you are one of these caregivers, you realize, or soon will, that the level and type of care needed by a person...

  • As indicated previously, we will be discussing the decision and transition from home-care to long-term care, for a loved a one with Alzheimer’s disease/dementia. For those families that opted to provide personal care, there will most-likely come a time when you and your family are no longer able to provide...