awcc front 2013Amberwood Care Centre is a nursing home specializing in Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias. Located directly across from Rockford Memorial hospital, Amberwood also offers short-term post-hospitalization care. Our physical, occupational and speech therapy provides the additional rehabilitation to improve strength and mobility to safely transition back home. Dr. John Dorsey, part of Rockford Health Systems and Dr. Joseph Eckburg, a private practitioner, are our co-medical directors.

Amberwood’s New Beginnings program not only benefits those with memory loss in need of nursing supervision and a safe living environment but also provides emotional support and education for the caregiver. Most often living at home becomes difficult when medications are forgotten, meals are missed and the risk of getting lost outside of the home increases. Through a relationship with the Alzheimer’s Association, the staff of Amberwood are trained with skills on managing behavior issues and improving techniques in communication.

Amberwood Care Centre is a long-term skilled care provider in Rockford that is able to care for complex medical illnesses. We are staffed with high-quality clinicians that work directly with all three area hospitals to deliver successful patient outcomes. We accept all payor sources such as Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and Hospice. Staff also assists in the application process when applying for financial assistance, making this easier and more convenient for our families.

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